The Livelihood project provides workshops and training sessions in business skills, bookkeeping, commercial consultancy and management in order to further the women’s education and help their businesses for the future. These sessions further give women the opportunity to network and share ideas amongst the women alliance LAF has created.

Women are additionally provided capital in the form of small loans with low interest rates, for investing it in a new business or expand an existing one, as many women do not have access to a normal bank accounts because of the accompanying costs.


All women are required to take training and workshops before receiving a loan.The training workshops will go through business skills, finances, management and health. The health aspect is very important because if a women is unable to keep herself and her family healthy, she will be unable to work.


After training is complete, women will be given a small loan to help start or expand her business.


LAF has created the "table banking" program. It allows women who cannot afford a bank account to have a safe place to save their money. It also demonstrates the importance of saving for the future.

56 Women have received loans to start-up and expand their business.

180 Women have attended business consulting, health and management training.

62 Children of women beneficiaries have been able to attend school.