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  • Financial efficiency is one indicator of organizational health; a guarantee of effective programs is absolutely essential for a regional agency like Lerne Adams; and we insist on independent, external assessments of our programs as well: Our policy outlines procedure for regular external assessments to evaluate our program impact, coverage, coherence, relevance, sustain-ability, effectiveness, and efficiency, and we’ve developed quality management procedures and an internal auditing system designed to streamline our capabilities and optimize our resource use.

    We are committed to a policy of transparency and disclosure by ensuring that key financial information is publicly available with guarantees of good management.


    Lerne Adams Foundation takes great pride in the financial efficiency and accountability. We work to maximize the value of every Shilling we receive from our development partners. More than 90 percent of our expended resources - among the highest of all philanthropic organizations - support our poverty-fighting projects around L.Victoria region. Less than 10 percent of expended resources go toward administrative and fundraising costs: Take a sneak preview of our financial policy.

  • Lerne Adams financial policy maintains separate records and accounts together with the related financial statements, imprest accounts, and statement of expenditures record of the project being carried out, will be audited annually by independent private auditors acceptable to development partners.
  • Lerne Adams will also provide weekly reports with concise detailed monthly project performance reports, quarterly progress reports and comprehensive annual progress reports on project implementation within one month of the end of the reporting period that details physical and financial progress and summarize performance monitoring and evaluation results. Within 3 months of physical completion.
  • Lerne Adams Foundation will provide financial reports with copies of the Project’s audited accounts and financial statements no later than six months after the end of the fiscal year to which they relate.
  • Lerne Adams Foundation will prepare a project completion report in standard format for the development partner and complete financial guidelines will be available on request.
  • Lerne Adams Foundation has a policy of financial accountability to the targeted beneficiaries that involves sharing project visions and expectations before the onset of every intervention.

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Structure of funding and collaboration

  • Partnership with various development partners and donors through a common mission statement and shared core values. By signing the Covenant of Partnership, each of the parties agree to abide by common policies and standards. The parties hold each other accountable through a system of peer review.
  • Lerne Adams National Board is open to partnerships with research institutions, authorities and local governments in disseminating technologies, inputs, capacity development or running of events. We continually seek collaborations with academic, business professionals, Investors, social service leaders, volunteers and consultants in disseminating services.
  • Special sponsorship for youth education and community events accounts for significant portion of funding for Lerne Adams programmes. Individuals, families, religious organizations and groups often find our organization as an appropriate vehicle for channelling support to special groups and beneficiaries.