Logo  Education & youth Mentoship

Lerne Adams Foundation (LAF) seeks to nurture youth to build livelihoods through acquiring skills, broadening their social networks and investing in interests. Our work responds to the high level of youth unemployment in communities living around Lake Victoria. Our approach is designed to tackle mushrooming youth challenges including indulgence in drug abuse, prostitution,gambling and crime. Our programs are therefore tailored to employ youth friendly approaches in disseminating positive influence and nurturing career ambitions. Key areas of interest that we focus include nurturing talents through events (boat racing music, dance, conventional sports, cycling) and networking in earlier careers pathway to livelihoods through the acquisition of new learning and networking.

LogoCommunity health & Sanitation

Working from a background of highest prevalence HiV and communicable diseases, We seek to promote public health by working with people in local contexts to raise awareness and build understanding about the health challenges that most affect their lives. Our work in this area covers a wide range of topics including behavioural changes amongst the youth and predisposed group including women trading around the L.Victoria beaches.

Handling of water, related illnesses and community lead total sanitation (CLTS). We place a very strong emphasis on facilitating engagement between marginalized communities and health practitioners. Our approach enables the targeted beneficiaries to be equal partners in knowledge sharing processes and to collaborate in the definition of meaningful change. The outputs created through these participatory visual methods provide platforms for dialogue and debate in diverse settings, from events held in community halls to academic institutions and policy making processes.

Logo   Food security & Nutrition

Food and nutrition security remains the single most important driver of development around the Lake region. We tackle the root causes of hunger by addressing problems of production, access, and income. Encompassing a wide array of activities customized to meet a community’s specific needs, our programs are designed to bolster agricultural production, jumpstart local market activity, support micro-enterprise initiatives, and otherwise enhance a vulnerable community’s access to sustainable sources of food and income. Lerne Adams Foundation collaborates with enablers to introduce innovations including solar irrigation, block-chain technology and exploitation of indigenous knowledge systems in maximizing impacts from value chain commodities.

Logo  Water & Infrastructure Development

despite living in close proximity to Lake Victoria, 3 out of 10 members of the communities living in this region do not have access to clean and safe drinking water from improved drinking water sources. Lerne Adams Foundation has therefore prioritised access to safe drinking water by collaborating with development partners and communities in exploring and implementing various approaches including spring water, boreholes, shallow wells, rain water collection. Our priorities are set towards reducing the number of hours spent by women looking for water as well as water-borne diseases associated with consumption of dirty water.

Logo  Green Growth

We seek to promote the sustainable use of natural resources among community members living around L.Victoria region. Our work responds to the threat of extreme degradation of arable land and water bodies around Lake Victoria .Our strategy is to cooperate with other agents of change in promoting strong awareness on the need to sustain natural habitats and linkage between the environment and culture. Working with these individuals, we seek to address the challenges by promoting climate smart green growth strategies including agroforestry, sustainable harvesting and conversion of water hyacinth into useful biomass, protection of water towers and promotion of carbon trade.

Women Empowerment   Women empowerment & advocacy

We focus development programs that provides tailored empowerment initiatives to disadvantaged women or girls thus improving their potential to contribute to the prosperity and well-being of other women in the society. Community development initiatives around Lake Victoria region has demonstrated increasing responsiveness to the needs and contributions of women and therefore prioritized its agenda to target various classes of women affected by various forms of vulnerabilities. These include victims of domestic violence, early pregnancies, forced marriages, orphaned & vulnerable children (OVC), child breadwinners, child labour, women and children with disabilities and various forms of abuse. Our approaches include accelerator programs to women in business, medical support, mentorships campaigns, and advocacy on women rights, girl rescue, counselling, education support and provision of basic amenities including sanitary pads to vulnerable girls. Our office works closely with children and county social departments/offices around the lake region.